Girls on Theme

Mike made me realize my bosom babes were going out on the RSS feed –  Its a long and irrelevant story, but essentially I managed to get babes showing up from a really big list without a timeout and without going crazy with hash tables – mind you I haven’t done any real programming in years, so this wasn’t as easy as it looks.

I’ve taken the babes off the posts themselves and integrated them into the theme – I’m using Headway – The best theme I’ve even seen after searching for a very long time. It has some really nifty hooks and I’ve just hooked my “babe insertion routine” into the “After Post content” hook. Slam-dunk, now the babes appear at the bottom of every post randomly… They probably refresh (new image) every time you refresh the page unless you’re getting a cached page from the server or somewhere in between.

Now go crazy!