What if a future employer read your Facebook and Twitter?

This comic from XKCD captures my thoughts about social media and employment perfectly.

XKCD Dreams

Some years ago (and while having a corporate job, now its a moot point) I decided my social media was mine and mine only and everyone that thought otherwise could go fuck themselves. In practical terms this meant I never tweeted the bullshit my employers wanted me to tweet, posted what anyone wanted and when it came to Facebook my policy was simple: People I work with directly can’t be my FB friends (especially my own business unit), people I worked with in the past yes. This was a very simple rule designed to help me be a little more free in posting what I want to post without having to stop and think if I’m writing about pansies, panties and butterflies while I’m supposed to be paying attention to a “Critical recovery action plan” phone meeting – the real problem there isn’t what I’m writing as much as when I am writing it.

What I’ve learned about the collision of social media and traditional employers can be summed up in four words: Be Yourself. Show Yourself.

Be Yourself: Be yourself – Accept yourself. Forget everybody else. Sounds retarded, yet the moment you stop to think about what others might think, you’re at risk of being phoney and losing your identity.

Show Yourself: You can’t read minds, so stop trying to imagine what others might think. It doesn’t matter if your hobby is collecting Barbie dolls and cross-dressing on the weekends, the only thing that EVERYBODY wants is to know a REAL person. Everybody loves real people because there are way less masks, facades and play-pretend.

Remember: FUCK. THAT. SHIT.