FluxAds leaves DirectTrack for Cake

After suffering a week-long outage back in February, who wouldn’t?

Seems like ClickBooth is also departing for Cake.

The cake might be a lie, but it works really well for affiliate marketing.

Their PR handling of the affair looks pretty non-existent I will add. When you fuck up like this, its fairly easy to get back on the right track – you have to have the balls to man-up and do it, though. It involves at least these three simple elements:

1 – Putting a link on the homepage and making a public statement about the outage.

2- Explaining CLEARLY what happened including an “It was us” statement – don’t shift blame.

3- Explaining why this can’t ever-ever-ever ever happen again.

Speaking of apologizing effectively, this is the way Dale Carnegie and several other describe it as a really effective way. Needless to say, this only works once.