Facebook Theme – and some minor bickering

Theme is called “Smells-like-facebook

The story of how I bumped into it is notable… I was reading Jeremy’s post about Patrick Curl.

Basically, someone had problems with a ClickBank refund on the Shoemoney System and Patrick jumped in and posted some conjectures about Jeremy – topped with a character attack (“He’s just a two bit thief.”)

Then Jeremy comes out with a scalding post about Patrick, and adds a laundry-list of all the amazing stuff he has done. What the fuck? I love the post for the summary of Jeremy’s story, but seriously dude, nobody cares if he calls you a “Two-bit-whore-in-a-one-horse-town-with-a-one-trick-pony-five-cents-short-of-a-dollar” – I know Jeremy cares about his character (look at the reaction)- but do you really need to step down five rungs and address Patrick by calling him a “Social Media Idiot”.

Ideally, Jemery should have ignored the personal attack and if he felt there was a need to explain what he accomplished in the past, then just do a nice “Story of” post and let it go… Align the messages and let them collide – don’t smash them and get splattered!

Anyway.. All this bullshit was actually good! This guy Patrick is using a Facebook styled theme called “Smells-like-facebook” – Which looks wickedly like a Facebook page. I understand from one of the Sheomoney videos that Facebook doesn’t allow you to advertise and link to pages that look like Facebook… And Jeremy commented they convert like crazy. …. Hmm.. How about using this theme and driving traffic via some other means – leave facebook out of it.

I see myself using the Theme Split Testing plug-in I got with WP-Smart Tools and WP-LinkEngine two of the most awesome-est tools in my arsenal.