Facebook and Sponsored Tweets – Productive Day

The Doomsday website is up and running and now has an awesome Facebook page, plus I launched a campaign on Facebook to drive traffic to it – since I don’t have much faith in FB – they have yet to approve the ads and they wanted a ridiculous amount per click, I went to a favorite little incentivized traffic source – the Amazon Mechanical Turk and plunked down a bit of cash for some fans – that site actually works – its worked wonders in the past and its working way better than stupid Facebork ads – Is it people that really like what I have to offer? It doesn’t matter, after 25 fans I can get a custom URL and I need to make a bit of noise. The other reason why it doesn’t matter is because its dirt cheap.

I am a little worried that according to their Webmaster Tools, Google only has 10 out of over a thousand webpages of that site indexed, even though a couple of days ago I gave them (and the site has) a proper XML sitemap. Hopefully, they’ll get with the program. I’m hoping I didn’t mess up the robots.txt or something really stupid.

An interesting thing I discovered while messing with FBML is that you can put a sidebar on the page’s “Wall” page by selecting the “Boxes” tab and choosing to move the FBML app to “The Wall” – Presto! You now have an FBML sidebar. The other thing I discovered is that Facebook now provides an FBML application – Its just a place to cut and paste your text, like the other ones, so we’re still in the doghouse.

The third thing I got going was a trial run of a sponsored tweets CPC campaign. Its late and I don’t really know what I’m doing… But heck I’m doing something! I have to say Sponsored Tweet’s dashboard is really neat – You can see the tweets, the clicks, the CPC, the person’s reach… I think that if I click the correct button I might actually find out what color underwear the tweeter is wearing. So far it all looks awesome… Just like this chick at the bottom of the post…