Fable 2 Banshees

One day I will go into how I play games and why I always cheat at videogames.

I love sandbox-style games where you go wherever you want… Right now top of mind is Fable 2. Fantastic game – I think one of the best characters is a class of ‘monsters’ called the Banshee. The banshee has a raspy voice and will scream/whisper demoralizing phrases that strike at your heart. Some of my favorite phrases:

Fable 2 Banshee and Children

Fable 2 Banshee Sends Her Children Your Way While Screaming Demoralizing Phrases

  • “Did you know Rose didn’t die right away from that shot? No, she watched you fall through that window, heard as your body thudded against the ground and cried bitter tears before a final shot from Lucien ended her life.”
  • “Do you really think everything in existence revolves around you? This world will carry on without your parasitic presence.”
  • “Nothing you do means anything and when you die you will be forgotten.”
  • “You bring only despair to this world. It is better off without you.”
  • “What would Rose say if she could see you now? Do you think she would be proud? Do you think she would recognize the creature you’ve become?”
  • “The people you see, all the people you talk to, they are not real. You are alone in this universe. Terribly alone.”
  • “The prisoners of the Spire cry out your name. Where are you? Where is their Hero?”
  • “Could you do nothing to save your sister? Too weak to stop her death?”
  • “You still hear Rose’s death cry when you try to sleep at night, don’t you?”
  • “Think of all the time you’ve wasted fighting blame, when you could have been leading a normal life.”
  • “Rose would have done anything to protect you. She even gave her life, and what have you done about it? Nothing, nothing at all.”
  • “It is all over. After your death awaits the void. You will cease to exist completely.”
  • “Lucien laughs every night as he remembers that night in his study. He still keeps the gun with which he shot you and your sister.”
  • “You didn’t have the backbone to put Bob out of his misery.”
  • “Hammer still thinks her father’s death is your fault. One day she will betray you in revenge.”
  • “Your son/daughter hates you, he/she will get a blade in the night and plunge it through your heart.”
  • “Your husband/wife is cold and alone right now. Balverines will feast on his/her flesh.”
  • “Your son/daughter is so sweet, like honey. Last night when I visited your home, he/she screamed your name as he/she died.”
  • “Think about all the endless hours you’ve wasted playing this game. And for what? Nothing!”