It was a dark and stormy night… I couldn’t sleep.. It was 2:00 AM.. The house was quiet. I went downstairs and fired up the Xbox 360. My favorite game, Fable 2, had lost its luster… Then I saw it… Limbo…Available for Download.

Limbo is an amazingly creepy, gruesome and fun platform puzzle game. I’ve played it to the end – only 5-6 hours – but I made sure I only played it at night. The atmosphere of the game is simply amazing, the sounds draw you in, and the gruesomeness of some of the parts… Well… Makes it interesting – It did take me a while to get comfortable (and not have my heart jump) with the little boy getting decapitated, impaled, crushed, electrocuted and eviscerated so frequently.

This is really a very unique game – and the atmosphere of shadows, shades, and despair it creates is amazing. Check it out.

IGN did a nice video review of Limbo

A few screenshots:

This part is one of the most fun... The letters of the HOTEL sign start falling as you climb on them, shooting sparks everywhere

Itsy-bitsy-spider climbed up the water spout... Itsy-bitsy spider ate the little boy... Down came the rain and washed the boy out...

That's gotta be the river Styx

Is he the lost son of Indiana Jones?