Eben Pagan & The Halo Effect

The name “Eben Pagan” poped up in my RSS reader and my Feedly homepage a couple of times last week… Today in an e-mail from Yaro’s list, mind you I normally ignore his mailing list e-mails – I keep getting them as a way to keep my ear to the ground (along with others) and because I’m too lazy to unsubscribe. Still this one headline sounded mildly non-rubbish so I clicked through… Of course it wasn’t good, it was rubbish promoting a product from Eben Pagan with a video – and now I make the connection.

This guy, Eben Pagan, is the one that wrote Double Your Dating – His face is unmistakable. Somewhere from my cortical implant comes the data bit… Double Your Dating was written by Eben Pagan under the pen name of David DeAngelo. Now it all makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is that he is writing about other shit. I’ve read and “consumed” about 80% of the stuff he put out. Really good stuff – if you’re in the dating zone, he is your man. Don’t just mosey over to his site, run over there, rent a cabin in the Alps and don’t come out until you’re done. Oh, and while you’re at it check out Erik James Horvat-Markovic, AKA: Mystery. (Damn, his Wikipedia entry ranks #1 on Google for “Mystery” – now that’s some Mojo right there – and with a name like that, you better get a nickname fast). Some brain-splitting stuff between those two guys.

Back to the part that doesn’t make any sense – the Halo effect. I hate linking to Wikipedia when discussing serious stuff – I can’ avoid it since their entries are very good in general, so there you have it. Eben Pagan launched some really successful products with both great content and a philosophy that you GIVE AWAY YOUR BEST and charge for the rest. That philosophy is sheer genius and perfectly adapted to today’s worldviews. Does it make for a full book on marketing? Maybe… I just saved you $500 and three weeks by giving you in nine words the secret of the other nine-hundred-thousand words and fifty videos.

What makes you think that someone who wrote and marketed an excellent series on personal development can create something really good in any other field? I see the Halo effect everywhere, though. Heck, I use it like crazy myself! You see it in action when a reporter asks a hockey player or a boxer what they think of politics or a world event. Since when did getting punched in the face qualify anyone to have a valuable opinion on anything other than pain medicine?

In conclusion: What the heck is Eben doing selling marketing shit? Save your moolah and read some real marketing stuff.