Drop-In Pack

Created myself a little “drop-in” package with the stuff I use most frequently in sites… This should make creation of future sites way easier – In the last two I reused like 80% of components!

I’m typing this as it uploads to my latest Machiavellian machination… The machination I talked about earlier (the one where the end of the world happens) –

This should have been done by now several days ago… I’m freaking sloooow and that pisses me off to no end. There’s this thing that gets in the way called a day job… Oh and a family, but I rather enjoy that, and I’m quite attached to them.


I think I’ll post the list of contents of my drop-in pack for all of the two fellow readers to see (Jonathan and Mike – LoL) and the elevenĀ  bots that visit my feed… I’ll do that in a bit… Its freaking Friday afternoon!