Crazy CTR With One Wicked Idea from AdSense Outlaws

Take a really good look at this page. Yes, the ads are indeed Google ads.

Wicked way to enhance AdSense text units

Click to Enlarge: Wicked way to enhance AdSense text units

My initial reaction was

Wow, I didn’t know Google allowed explicit ads like that“…

As my mind started reeling at the possibilities I noticed something…

Wait, those look like Facebook ads because of the images… and Google ads because of the text – New ad Format?” ..

So I clicked one – yup, it was a legit Google ad and all, leading to something like Estee Lauder —

Estee Lauder wouldn’t put up an image of a naked chick on an ad. WTF is going on? Are they over-laying the Google ad with something?“… Close…

They are standard vertical AdSense units, and the website is just placing the little square images on the left side of where each little ad sub-unit would fall.

I remember from a long time ago something on the AdSense Terms of Service about making sure ads didn’t look like part of the site content – However I don’t remember anything about making part of the content look like an ad and slapping it next to a real ad! The content layout on this site makes it very clear the stuff at the top is “just ads”, and the content is below, so the ads aren’t blending into the content and causing spurious clicks. The ads are getting a little enhancement from their placement.

Fucking brilliant for epic CTR – I do imagine this is not kosher with Google and very likely to get your AdCents account banned – TOS or no TOS.

PS: If you pay close attention to the actual ads, you’ll notice this browser is being re-targeted quite a bit… PPC management and hosting offers on a Tattoo site? I’m surprised the Bald Storm on Demand Dude didn’t make a nude appearance here too.