Co-Opting Content with Digg-like Bar for WordPress

What a cool plug-in! It’s called “WordPress Bar“. I’m trying it out right now. Try any of the external links like this one and notice the bar at the top. It does a TON of things, including tracking clicks, shortening URLs, giving users a way to share your post after they’ve left your site, without having to return and co-opt the destination page.

I’m really impressed. This guys should be charging for this..

Look at what happens when you go to the WP-Smart Tools site following my link, the top bar looks like part of the destination site (click to enlarge):

Wordpress Bar - Click to enlarge

That’s nothing.. Look at what happens when  I click on the little Facebook icon to share on Facebook:

Wordpress Bar co-opting link - Click to enlarge

Facebook takes the title and URL of the short URL, and since your short URL is copied from the original, well.. You get the picture – You co-opt the destination content, pretty much! Now whenever someone else on Facebook clicks n that short link, they’ll have your navigation bar at the top… Rinse and repeat if they share/bookmark something.

All I can say is: Wow. And Free.