ClickTale is awesome – Seriously. I enab…

ClickTale is awesome – Seriously. I enabled it this morning and I’m already the world’s biggest peeping tom – Watching over the shoulder of my visitors. I just watched a 14-minute session with my landing page in real-time – I turned off “skip idle” and dialed acceleration to 1x, so it played ‘real time’ – I wanted to closely understand what that visitor was reading – not statistic aggregates (which it gives me) but I wanted to run the movie in my head and see if I can trace back what the reader was thinking based on the recording and the search terms they landed with. It was simply awesome

I had the suspicion that my landing page was doing too much selling after some pre-selling and I am losing people that way. Without any statistical rigor, I think that’s whats going on… The visitors I’ve watched go real slow and point at key pieces of info, but then seem to spot the pitch parts really quick and read them for about half the time they take on the other areas and then close the window. I’ve got to think about this… I know I’ve got to change the page, I may use Google Website Optimizer or Genetify, though ClickTale will probably break if I have both going at the same time (ClickTale and Google Website Optimizer) – its recordings will probably be inaccurate.

The other thought is to use a “traffic saving” thing before people close the window. I have to re-read Google’s webmaster guidelines, I’m not sure that’s Kosher with them. I may have to have differentiated landing pages if that’s the case.

Speaking of ClickTale, their plans go from free straight to $99 dollars. That’s quite the steep jump. If the price was something like $30, I would probably bubble them to the top of my ‘tool to get’ list. At $99 a month, its sinking to the bottom of my list for three reasons:

1) It is not a do-or-die service. A do-or-die service might be a particular WordPress Plugin, your hosting plan, a domain name. ClickTale is a ‘polish and enhance’ tool, that allows me to get better CTR an probably move campaigns into profitability, or move them there faster.

2) Its not automated, I still have to put a lot of brainpower to figure out what it all means. Brainpower costs time – oodles of it. Every hour of sheer brainpower costs something like five hours of other stuff: Eating, Sleeping, recreation, blogging bullshit, family stuff, all before I can put out that hour. In other words: manual stuff doesn’t scale, so the time consumption needs to be closely monitored.

3) It won’t play well with Google Website Optimizer, especially for a multivariate experiment.

2) To see a $99 ROI I need to sell a lot more than the piddle selling I’m doing right now. And I’ve got no way of seeing the ROI with it.

If they just had something in-between Free and $100 bucks!