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  • NegBox 9:28 pm on February 6, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Criminal Model for Lead Generation 

    Two days ago I saw a tweet about this Winona Chiropractor at http://winonachiropractic.com/ (yes, the domain name is relevant) who -at first sight- hadn’t paid their web designer. Their web designer went to town and defaced the website with this:

    Winona Chiropractic Defaced Website Screenshot

    As a marketer, you’re going to see two levels of possible explanations here:

    Level 1 – Disgruntled web designer defaces website

    Level 2 – Firm (that likely does something other than web design) tries to get viral attention by creating fake defaced website. There is money in attention, so even this kind of negative attention is monetize-able.

    There is yet another likely explanation – And this is why I love con artist movies and why I’ve been watching the BBC series Hustle so much (thanks to Yaxx for recommending it). Because it helps you think in oblique ways and see beyond. A third possibility is:

    Level 3: Extortion – Someone set up a fake website targeting ALL Winona chiropractors, they put a single chriropractor’s info in there and try to get money from them in exchange for taking the website down. After collecting money, they change the information to another chiropractor’s office details and try to extort money from them.

    And there you have it folks, a criminal model of local lead generation.

    PS: Highlight in bold colors the “criminal” part – If you tried this, even without success, chances are very high you’ll end up someone’s prison girlfriend in no time.

    PPS: This is by no means the only shady shit out there – DDoS extortions have been around for a long time.

    • Mike Chiasson 2:18 am on February 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Haha I seriously wouldn’t pay that designer either. I see design places around town who would put out a piece of shit like that and charge someone like $5k for it.

      • Slave Rat 6:43 pm on February 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I think those $5K are not for the web design. Designers must change those $5K as the fee to let you be a pimple on their butt and drive them bananas while making ridiculous requests that make the site look like the bastard child of a 1996 Geocities homepage crossbred with a MySpace goth fan page.
        The design itself they probably outsource to India for $50 bucks.

    • dean 7:01 am on February 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      yeah well a deal is a deal… If the client made a commitment and the designer delivered, what? Is it about the money really? or is there an ego problem somewhere?
      fucken pay him and move on…. somethings you can’t control… obviously the dude is pisst and there anit shit he could do but fuck up the site?
      same shit would happen in any other industry… I’ve seen carpenters rip out walls and doors, cause the clients check bounced… what would you do if you where the designer?
      how did he get his money… ?

    • Joe 7:42 pm on February 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      And the site’s gone, with an apology from the designer. Haha.

      • NegBox 5:30 pm on February 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Deals go south all the time. Would you do business with a designer -or anyone- who goes bonkers like that when things don’t work out?

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  • NegBox 3:24 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    You’re About to Get Screwed, and You Know It 

    In one sentence for my ADD friends:

    We are increasingly playing in someone else sandbox, and the limits are starting to show and suck.


    Largest site on the web. In the future, forget about having a blog outside FB – who will bother reading it when they’re too busy reading the ones already inside FaceBook? Its funny how the pendulum swings – AOL used to be as neutered as Facebook and it died a lonely death, now many of the the same concepts come back in Facebook.

    Here’s a thought: Let’s create a distributed trust protocol so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.


    Huge platform seemingly derived from an IRC service. Some very many years ago IRC was all the rage, we had channels starting with hash # tags, and nicknames and pretty much Twitter without the Twitheads at Twitter. Then IRC died a lonely death for mainstream users – all that’s left there is – for the most part – some die-hards and the royal scum that controls the underbelly of the beast nobody wants to see… bot-nets, pedos, creeps, worms, distros… Its the Mad-Max style nuclear wasteland of the internet. … Then along comes Twitter and the pendulum swings again. They call it microblogging – WTF? It chatting, people, chatting – and all your chats belong to Twitter.

    Here’s another thought: Let’s create a federated chat protocol and layer it on a web interface… Isn’t that one done yet?


    Remember Altavista? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m not sure what is worse – having your content belong to Facebook, Twitter and others, or having the index to your content belong to them. Not only do they determine what gets found and read by the results of their searches, they directly determine what gets purchased when and where – they control the flow of money. I don’t think they’ve realized this yet at least not in a way that is noticeable – and frankly, I don’t really expect most folks reading this to understand how really big numbers of really small things work (scientific fact, most folks are too lazy to think like this) – Google has greater potential influence over the economic outcomes of the US and half the planet than any Illuminati conspiracy theory ever even conceived possible.

    Monopolies suck

    I suppose they suck especially bad when you’re not the owner of the monopoly. I also suppose if the monopoly was mine, I’d be telling everyone how I’m going to bring “Peace and order throughout the galaxy“.

    In closing, nothing – I don’t have any super-stellar words of wisdom here other than: This party ain’t over yet, so bring Vaseline.

    • CTRtard 7:02 am on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook in the Face.”

      LOL. But I humbly suggest:

      “…so we can build a Facebook outside Facebook and fuck Facebook right in its fuckin Face.”

      I dunno… maybe one fuck was enough?

      Nice post. Google is taking over the world. They even own my phone.

      • Slave Rat 9:24 pm on October 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Good catch. I must have been in a mellow mood yesterday.

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  • NegBox 7:01 pm on August 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: CPA, Offers, , Value Chain, Zip   

    Escalating the Value Chain 

    Disclaimer: Before anyone thinks I’m the King of CPA, don’t be mistaken – I’m nobody and still trying to walk.  But I can smell short-sighted fools a mile away.

    Why are you promoting a Zip Submit? Why are you promoting that eBook? Why are you promoting X?

    The dumb answer: “To make money”

    The smart answer: “To figure out how to make money”

    If you’re not actively figuring out how the next link in the chain is making money off of your actions, and intend to take over the next link as soon as you understand your current part and the next link’s part, then you’re wasting your time and should be looking elsewhere for something you can expand vertically – not just horizontally.

    Ever take the time to see what the hell happens after you buy a snuggie via an affiliate marketer online? How about taking the time to follow an e-mail submit and see what happens and what offers are behind it? Work out the math?

    You don’t even have to dream up a fake names or addresses anymore.: Try the Fake Generator.

    Of course you’re not about to create an Auto Insurance company, but take a peek. Is it really Geico? You’d be surprised at the incredible number of intermediaries. Imagine instead of taking your commission for the silly submit, adding the $$$ for all brokers in the middle. Couldn’t you later offer your own Submit offers to the networks?

    Maybe this is obvious.. I haven’t seen people comment on this anywhere, really…

    I’ve spotted several instances of offers on networks that payout for example $120 for a Business Opportunity (might cost the consumer $500 over several months, or it might be an aggregate or lifetime-value calculation), then someone builds a fake blog landing page and puts it up as an offer that pays out $50 per person that signs up to the $120 Business Opportunity offer I just mentioned. Looking at the blog or the offer individually doesn’t give you a clue what’s going on, until you realize these are indeed not the same business – these are different companies and different people both with offers on the market, one encapsulating the other and while not really skimming off the top, adding some value – after all, the buy rate from the flog is probably higher than sending cold traffic straight to the offer.

    Or you’ll see lead generation in the insurance industry, with a payout of $15. Then there is a Zip submit with a payout of $2, which when activated leads to a page that shows the visitor three insurance offers from other affiliate networks – those same offers you can get for $15.

    Do you see the value chain?

    Its not about driving the traffic straight to the ultimate destination. You could, but it won’t work. Its really about building the entire road that takes your customer/lead there, and keeping all the money along the way.

    You have to learn how to walk before you can run… You have to learn how to market the stuff at the bottom before you can move higher in the chain…. By the same token, you’re not going to learn how to walk by picking your nose, and you’re not going to move higher in the chain by promoting things you can’t replace the next link with yourself.

    This is something to think about next time you’re picking offers to promote.


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  • NegBox 8:24 pm on July 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Cayman, , Legal, Limited Liability, LLC, Shell Game, , Taxes   

    5 Steps to Cover Your Legal Ass 

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. Do not use any of the information on my site for anything other than wasting time.

    A note on playing nice

    The goal of this post is to protect you from the casual “oops” of business – NOT to arm yourself for battle. Oops happen. Keep an open line of communication through your site (a monitored e-mail address, or feedback form, for example). You’re not trying to be invisible or anonymous, you’re trying to shield yourself from legal retards, and want to listen for real communications. If John Doe wants to sue you because your logo reminds him of his favorite cat, you’ll be well protected. If Lady Gaga’s agent wants you to stop using something, you might want to stop or change regardless of where your corporation is based or how many shells you have – Consider it a bonus you most likely won’t have to pay legal fees, produce ridiculous logs or settle anything. Try to keep it at the goodwill level – the last thing you want is someone very pissed at you – The way to keep people from getting pissed is to let them get a hold of you easily, and right any wrongs quickly.

    I just watched the new Shoemoney System video and felt it was missing information. I find the multinational perspective missing from a ton of folks and material – Its like World War III broke out, the entire world is a nuclear barren wasteland but only the US survived… Only that didn’t happen – everyone else is still there, folks!

    Jeremy did an awesome job on the videos and it is really cool that he is sharing the information he is… Well, that and he is also sending a message out to the marketplace. The message reads “Don’t fuck with my brand and my stuff, or I’ll unleash the Sith Lords on your sorry ass“. Nice dual-purpose video! Wish I had thought of it.

    What Jeremy doesn’t mention is what he does when he is faced with an international dolt stealing his stuff. Are all his cases US-based? Only the ones worth pursuing?

    If you’re going to run ANY sort of business, you need to protect yourself legally. While Jeremy comes across as a nice guy, the world is full of assholes (I know this for a fact – just look at all the shit around you… And where does shit come from? Assholes, of course!)

    How you go about creating your little legal cocoon can take many forms. You can wrap yourself in the equivalent of bubble-wrap by incorporating an LLC in Delaware, or you can order a Stealth Klingon Bird of Prey from eastern Europe – it all depends if you want to protect yourself from a knee scrape or a plasma cannon, which in turn depends on what you’re trying to do – sell an eBook or scam the planet. Let’s assume you are not out to screw everyone, but would much prefer to stay away from trouble…

    The key to preventing problems in the US is to not be there. Simple, huh? It all hinges on what laws affect who and where. Your state laws do not affect other US states, and US federal laws do not affect other countries. What DOES affect other countries are international treaties and how different countries have implemented them – The nice thing about international treaties is that bullshit rarely makes it into a treaty, so you’re safer from some of the sue-happy legal circus.

    Here are five steps to ‘be gone’. You only really need Step 1 and 2 to protect yourself from 90% of nut cases. Step 3 and 4 if you’re paranoid. If you need to go as far as Step 5, please do not tell me what you’re into.

    Step 1

    Create a limited corporation overseas… You are an investor in it and a managing director – The “limited” means your liability is limited. Different countries will call this a bit different, but they all have this figure… Sociedad Anonima de Responsabilidad Limitada (Anynomous Limited Asociation) in most of Latin-Ameria, osaühing in Estonia, GmbH in Germany, Société à Responsabilité Limitée in France, etc… You get the point. Talk to a lawyer. A corporate lawyer. A good one. A very expensive one. You need one with experience in this or living in the country you’ve picked. Alternatively, there are a TON of online services that will do this for you in whatever locale you heart desires. I hear the weather in Cayman is awesome this time of year.

    Step 2

    Get all the papers squared away. Expect anywhere between two weeks and two months for this. Make sure you document your funding into the company, as well as who gets what share, and any major decisions, such as appointing yourself king of Umpa Lumpa Land and Managing Director of your company. Sounds retarded and ridiculous, you appoint yourself, yes… Just trust me you have to do all this paper stuff – don’t dismiss it.

    Step 3

    Register any domains you will use with a registrar located in your favorite jurisdiction – For example gandi.net in France. If you have to ask why, watch Jeremy’s video again.

    Step 4

    Get hosting overseas, and MAKE SURE their data center and your server is overseas. Ideally, make sure they don’t have a US presence at all (like a sister company). Some companies resell us-based virtual servers or will use a European IP that by some magic maps back to the US. Avoid with simple geo-location tools. Re-test the geolocation using traceroutes and network assignment maps after getting the hosting to make sure.

    Step 5

    Beware of anything linked to the site. If you have AdSense in the site, or drive traffic with AdWords, or if you promote a zip submit with neverblue, think what jurisdiction(s) neverblue or Google are in.

    A note on taxes

    If you are a US citizen or Permanent resident, make 120% sure you PAY YOUR TAXES. Consult a good tax person. Understand that whatever money you make (you, not the corp) will be taxed by the US just as if you had earned it in the US – Don’t let an overseas lawyer derail you here, taxes are serious shit – And remember the corp will be paying taxes wherever it is based. Again, I can’t stress this enough… Remember Capone, do your taxes right.

    Reprise of the note on playing nice

    The goal of this post is to protect you from the casual “oops” of business – NOT to arm yourself for battle. Keep an open line of communication through your site (a monitored e-mail address, or feedback form, for example). Listen for real communications. Try to keep it at the goodwill level –  The way to keep people from getting pissed is to let them get a hold of you easily, and right any wrongs quickly.


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  • NegBox 6:20 pm on June 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Tax Problems for Affiliates or Idiocy? 

    What piece of this puzzle am I missing?

    There’s a whole bunch of US internet marketers up in arms about their states trying to tax corporations that do business with them in a dozen different ways – They’re trying to tax corporations like they are based where the affiliate marketer is located, or other crazy ways… 50 States, 50 tax systems, one heck of mess.

    Nicky Cakes has an awesome, detailed and through post on this tax issue. Ever since I saw Cakes’ post I’ve been confused.

    I’m confused because I don’t see how its going to curtail my livelihood, or how I’m going to end up paying more taxes because of it. I don’t see how that can happen.

    The way I see it, this is a corporate shell game. If you tax me bad here, guess what I’m going to do? Incorporate in Delaware, Cayman, Bermuda, or anywhere else. Presto… Magic solution.

    So what’s the big deal? What am I missing? A problem that goes away with $300 doesn’t seem like that big of a problem – I’ve had toenail fungi give me more work than that.


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  • NegBox 4:37 am on April 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    First Clickbank Check Arrives – $394 !!! 

    Wohoo! The postman sure had some good news today… I got my first commission check from ClickBank… $394.71

    Click to Enlarge: My First Clickbank Check



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