Blogging & Comments System

I prognosticate in-line commenting will soon be a standard feature  of most blogs.
I prognosticate in-line commenting will soon be a standard feature of most blogs.

Its a catch-22. If you have a blog with little traffic, like mine, you want folks to get what they came for fast and easy – so your homepage should be styled to give them what they want with minimum fuzz. That translates into lots of featured posts (all content visible on homepage).

Now why would anyone leave a comment on a blog with little traffic like that? People are a little egocentric – why would they leave a comment when deep down they KNOW nobody but the blog owner is going to see it – To even leave the comment, the user has to go into the individual post page, and leave it there. For someone to see how clever that comment poster is, they would also have to go there – we all know that’s not going to happen. Why do you think Facebook works so well?

We have Top Comments, Comment Luv, and Top Commenters, and Latest Comments plug-ins and widgets and shit… Well, how about just putting the damn comments where people can see them, Sherlock?

When you post a comment on someone’s page on Facebook, it doesn’t just go on the page, it tells all YOUR friends about the fact that you posted some words of brilliant wisdom somewhere – and gives them a link. Disqus has the right idea on their commenting platform – What’s the point if folks don’t even get to it?

Enter the in-line comment.

If I could give my site visitors a can of spray-paint, I would.

Anyway, enjoy the new quick-comment thing. Say hi to the Comment Monster when you see him. I wonder if I can use it for something elsewhere. I just had to have this developed – It was driving me nuts…