BlackHat World – The Dark Side of the Cheese

Sharing a link that I’ve found… “intriguing” in the past.

Black Hat World

Whenever I go there I always learn something. The audience is really very technical – the “Black Hat” they’re referring to is 99% on the technology side. I’ve yet to see anything on naughty marketing techniques.

Today I stopped by Black Hat World looking for the “ShomoneyX” course. Its free at but Jeremy has it on an autoresponder that takes three freaking months to deliver it complete – 12 installements, one each week. I’m on week 1.

Well, you get the picture. In ten minutes I went from Week 1 to Week 12.

Like I said, I always learn something. In this case I just learned what “WordPress Cloaking” means. Essentially they show a blog to the search engines and forward live users to an offer page. Call me clueless, but setting that up seems like a waste of good time that can be used in building something real – not a card castle.

Anyway – Here’s more info on WordPress Cloaking is that floats your boat: Simplified SES and WPCloacker with some informative videos.