Avoiding Burnout

Imagine not caring anymore about your work or projects, and worse yet, not being able to find motivation to continue to work on anything. What would happen then?

That’s what burnout feels like. It feels like your brain went on vacation with your drive and left your body behind with the mess.

I used to think burnout was sissy bullshit excuses – I clearly did not understand where the line into burnout was, or how severe the problem could be, until I crossed it.

I’m nowhere near burnout right now, but I did experience it several years ago. Since then I take regular vacations, breaks and decompress my mind.

I’m going to give you just one tip: Be awake and present in the here and now with the people that matter the most to you.

Take the time to turn off your computer, turn off your cell phone and let time roll by where you are present in the moment. Eckhart Tolle is full of shit, but he wrote a great book called “The Power of Now” – his entire book can be summed up in one paragraph, but if I do that you won’t get the little stories that make the knowledge stick. Get that book from Ekhart Tolle… Now.

I’ve yet to see a good piece on work-life balance in the affiliate industry.

Right now I’m on vacations, I’ve been off the grid since Friday and I’m coming back on Tuesday, wanted to drop a little note about unplugging… Which is what I’m going back to now.