Are Non-techie Newbies Doomed?

I can’t for the life of me imagine a complete newbie with little technical background trying to make money online… Not like this, at least.

Seriously… What Shoe is trying to do with the Shoemoney System is laudable – Creating an approachable course. Now come on… How could a complete non-techie do this stuff?

I spent the majority of the day setting up aWeber on a site:

1 – Getting the landing pages right – There’s the page when you sign up that tells you to confirm, then there’s the confirmation success page. You gotta do a bit of upsell or trust building or something in those pages while you have eyeballs in them – taking aWeber’s default is a no-go.

2 – Get the hoverbox, the sidebar box, install them on the right places. Add the tracking codes for aWeber in the right spots.

3 – Create a nice e-mail or two to greet them and point them to your bribe/landing page above

4 – Drive traffic to it… Adwords, Facebook, Whatever… Don’t forget to track the traffic with Tracking 202 as well as the conversions with the Adwords/FB/Wahtever tracking snippets… Create a good landing page.. Campaigns.. And the Sub-id’s when folks click to offers.

Those four steps are like hundreds of little steps, and I skipped some biggies in there – some way beyond the capabilities of non-techies.

… and that isn’t even making me real money!

If you’re reading my blog you’ve got a pretty tough skin already. I don’t mean to discourage anyone, but this shit is harder than it looks.