Amazon Affiliate Sushi Box Blows Ass

I’m trying the Amazon “Nakamaste” or whatever the heck oriental name they have for their “automatic” box. Here I go, telling myself the wonderful story that it’s going to be like Google AdCents, but with better targetting since they know half the people that are likely to visit my site, and they can comb my site for relevant meta information.

Dead fucking wrong. I’ve tried a few simple experiments with several “clean” IPs and some “used” ones if you will… My conclusion in two words: Sucks Ass.

Perhaps the most rabidly irritating behavior is that the little box tries to push the Amazon Kindle very-very-very hard. That’s utter bullshit. Amazon is my guest on my site, not the other way around. That little “system” has worn their welcome.

Now I’m going to actually have to think what to put in that space. Agh! Dammit!