Meaning of NegBox 

Some eight years ago I figured people would want to use torrents for file transfers by accessing remote servers overseas. I didn’t see this need being filled and I could see it in high demand, so I partnered with a friend who lives overseas and we had a few of these available. I registered the domain as that is the name I came up with for this concept. I never sold a single one. Today, eight years later, search for “seedbox” and you’ll find a whole industry.

I failed there in two big ways:

1 – The marketing. I only tried to market this on Craigslist. I did not stop to think about who my audience was either: Teenage/Young males – not the most affluent bunch.

2 – We were too early to the market. The “seedbox” idea (I was calling it a “NegBox”) isn’t the first venture where I anticipated the market need accurately, but a few years too early.

The lessons I took home here were straightforward: Evolve things instead of trying to revolutionize them, and focus on the sales and marketing above all.