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    Sample Failed Pop-Ups 

    Here’s a sampling of failed pop-ups. Notice the SIZE of the viewable area. I know about the little trick of adding scroll-bars to a pop-up to fool the user into clicking – Somehow I don’t think that’s the idea here, and these scroll bars are no fake.

    • Justin Dupre 10:41 am on September 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t think the scroll bar to make user click is the idea here either.

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    The Spy Who Popped Me 

    Originally posted to the Internet University message board

    Captains log, Stardate -313708.32

    I went back to the Zip submit campaign I was running and trimmed the URLs so at least I’m keeping 2-3 profitable URLs. Ultimately I don’t want to invest a ton of time on something I know won’t take me very far even if I get it 100% awesome. I may come back and try some other crazy stuff with them

    I grabbed an old laptop – a Thinkpad T30 and loaded it with Gamevance, Hotbar, Vombashots and Gamebound for DirectCPV. I’m learning quite a bit. The hardest part was getting stupid Hotbar to not get nuked by the Antivirus. I also installed an older version of Firefox. I ‘m aware the machine is at risk for viruses and trojans, so it gets backed up nightly and can be rebuilt in 30 minutes. Its also not part of the core of my home network, just in case. Its slow as freaking molasses, but does the job. Today I was able to see and screencapture one of my own pop-ups!!! It looked like shit – lesson learned.

    I had an interesting idea. A counter-intuitive and over-arching idea on where to target my promotions. Essentially I see two kinds of pop-ups:

    1 – DirectCPV interstitials: You have to provide the visitor what they were looking for, faster, simple and easier, and it HAS to match they site they just surfed into and you popped over

    2 – Other Pop-ups: You have to provide the user something they want MORE than what they are currently doing.

    The Pivotal a-ha moment I had was that instead of giving the user what they are looking for in a pop-up, I have to acknowledge that people are often doing something they DONT WANT to be doing. My task is to figure out where these unsavory tasks are, what they are doing that they don’t want to do, what they would rather be doing, and offer it to them. It isn’t easy – I have a feeling this idea is a keeper, though.

    On Stardate -313702.84 (AKA, Tuesday) I launched a campaign promoting mobile downloads, with five offers rotating through just one web site on LeadImpact and Mediatraffic – I’m trying to implement the idea I described above. So far there’s one conversion in there, so not much to say since traffic started running late yesterday. I still think the concept is a winner – I just have to prove it.

    Actually, there is something to say – MediaTraffic has sent a shit ton more traffic than LeadImpact, but no conversions, really. I don’t understand – their pop-ups are huge when compared.

    Gamevance started popping immediately after installation. Something I do is I make sure I click on the pop-ups. Why? Because I figure if they see me click on the pop-ups, they’ll probably send me more – this may be my imagination, though. That’s how I would design the algorithm – show more to those who like it.

    I have yet to see a DirectCPV ad. The other networks are almost flooding me.

    I also tried running a “Category” campaign on MediaTraffic. I stopped it after a couple of hours and a thousand pops – The price is much lower, $0.007 a pop instead of $0.015 (less than half). The traffic quality, however, was rock-bottom suck-ass. Their “classification” was ass-ward-back – I looked at the referrers, and while there wasn’t any obvious mischief, the pops came from things like parked pages, landers of other affiliate offers, and generally random and completely irrelevant shit.

    The machine is pretty hard to use… The pop ups are fairly regular.

    There was one very memorable pop-up: There’s an offer and landing page that I wanted to work on and I noticed a pop-up just like I had envisioned. This is no mere coincidence. I didn’t “accidentally” install all this crap on a laptop and surfed randomly. I went to a site where I thought a pop-up like that would be and set Firefox to refresh the page every two minutes, so I did find it. I analyzed it…

    Then I realized it actually had a small protection from other affiliates. Protection doesn’t work against a determined ass like me, and it probably isn’t meant to, but it likely trips up 80% of everyone else – I hope I’m not blowing the lid on anyone here – I’m not very good with JavaScript – Actually, I suck at it. Still, I can understand some things. This is a javascript that writes to the page a series of some 30 internet marketing related URLs – Including shoemoney.com, tracking202.com, leadimpact.com, etc – The super-affiliate twins blog isn’t there – there’s plenty of others, including Jonathanvolk.com. Anyways, before it writes the links into a particular <div> section, it styles them with a specific CSS that has the font size at 1px, one pixel, and color is white on white. They’re invisible and they don’t really show up if you look at the page code (you can see the Javascript or you can see the Div it if you snag the page with something like ScrapBook). Anyways – I knew some years back there was a way to figure out if a site had visited other sites by checking with Javascript the color of links – this is similar, except this script is checking the height of the letters that make up each of the links on the <div>, if one matches “1px”, it sends the browser an <IMG> tag as part of the page, that IMG tag points to a PHP file that logs the site it matched with a simple URL Variable, and I assume it logs the IP, plus it sets a cookie with a 2-year expiration (which it checks for at the start). Then it redirects the browser to a landing page that has the same theme and functionality of the “real” landing page, but it is significantly different – Likely a very-poorly converting copy of the landing page.

    Now I have to cross the Neutral Zone…

    Stardate -313708.34

    Here’s my handy list of the software that goes with each network

    Leadimpact = Hotbar
    TrafficVance = Gamevance
    MediaTraffic = Vombashots
    DirectCPV = Loudmo.com – Gamebound

    Stardate -313708.40

    <Sarcasm warning> Oh… But how refreshing this is… I start digging with Robtex.com at the sever of a pop-up and it turns out the server is located in Turkey, registered in Turkey, and also does e-mail for just two other domains… Both of those other domains are in German… Here’s a Google translation snippet of the homepage:

    “The CC is a relaxed, friendly association of people with pedophilic inclinations and non-pedophile people of any race. Anyone who wants to deal with no attacks or accusations with the theme, is hereby cordially invited to visit our homepage and our public discussion forum and to participate in the discussions.”

    What… the.. fuck…

    Computer, end entry.

    ere’s my handy list of the software that goes with each network

    Leadimpact = Hotbar
    TrafficVance = Gamevance
    MediaTraffic = Vombashots
    DirectCPV = Loudmo.com – Gamebound

    • Mike Chiasson 8:52 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      1st: Thanks for costing me $XX today by browsing my pops! haha.

      2nd: Very interesting ideas about the user intentions when viewing the pops! I don’t think gamevance shows more/less pops depending if you click on them. I’ve clicked on one out of every like 2k I see lol and still get em every page.

      • Slave Rat 1:22 am on September 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        All your pops are belong to me!

        Thanks for the tip… I’ll stop clicking on the silly pop-ups then.

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  • NegBox 7:51 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Accelerate, , , , , Pre-Load   

    Speed Up Landing Pages and Redirects by Loading a Preview from a Content Distribution Network like CloudFront 

    If the offer you are promoting loads too slowly for sending it PPV traffic directly, or your own redirection is slowing down your pop-ups, here’s an interesting solution I developed.

    The idea is simple: Show the user the landing page even before it is fully loaded – so you get them to see the offer just a bit before they can actually interact with it – This way they hopefully don’t close down the pop-up because it catches their eye.

    What this does, in summary:

    1 – Take a snapshot of the landing page (you do this, manually)
    2 – Upload the snapshot and an HTML page to CloudFront
    3 – Point the PPV/CPV network to pop the HTML file instead of your tracking link
    4 – The HTML file, hosted on the Content Distribution Network (Akamai, CloudFront, etc) will load the snapshot from the same CDN and also load the REAL URL in the background in a transparent frame
    5 – When the real offer URL frame is fully loaded, switch the transparency levels and the real landing page appears instantly in place
    6 – All relevant URL variables get passed on

    The effect is pretty much invisible to the user – It just loads a ton faster- depending on the speed of where you’re redirecting to. Remember to optimize the snapshot graphic file you’re serving. In my testing (about 10,000 pops) the loss of impressions reaching the offer page went DOWN by 2%-3% (to 8% total – down from 10%) for direct to the offer, also this was 18% better (again in terms of impressions reaching the offer page) when compared to a slower redirect I used.

    As with everything, test it. What I did notice in testing was that it provides no benefit if the landing page is really fast already – the slower your redirection, tracking, offer or affiliate network servers are, the more juice you’ll get out of of this script.

    If you want to check the variables that are getting passed to the iFramed page simply use the attached “Variable Checker” PHP file.

    My original pre-loader used PHP for the redirection – take a look at it at the bottom, it is simpler than the Javascript based one – It needs your PHP processor, though – which slows it down. In that one, the way that the frames get flipped around after the real offer frame loads are much more clearly visible. Have fun!

    I’m placing everything in a neat ZIP file for you to download HERE:


    JAVASCRIPT-Based Landing page pre-loader


    Original PHP-Based Preloader (Not recommended)

    • CTRtard 12:04 am on September 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Good idea, I’m going to have to try this. Nice job!

      • Slave Rat 3:26 pm on September 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. I found it is helpful when the performance of the redirects is unpredictable (ie: if you’re crushing your 202 server with traffic spikes) – Its pretty much invisible if everything goes fast. The biggest downside I forgot to mention is that it wipes your referrer with the domain name of wherever you are hosting this special page – Keyword tracking works fine, still if you look at the referrer field, they’re all your own domain. Depending on what you’re doing this might be an awesome feature, as you can blank referrers and accelerate landing pages all in one step.

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  • NegBox 3:36 pm on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Biology, Books, Comedy, Evolution, Influence, Quantum Physics, Radical Honesty, , Transactional Analysis   

    Red Pill Books 

    IMPORTANT: I never, ever, EVER recommend the books I’ve assigned a 10 to. Chances are high you’re one of the 99% of people who can’t/won’t really enjoy those books. In the best of cases, you’ll hate me for suggesting it, in the worst case, you’ll wreck your life by taking the book as an absolute truth. So why are they on the list? Because on my blog I really don’t give a shit.

    Scroll down past the list to understand the criteria.

    Red Pill of Blue Pill

    Red Pill-ness Title Author
    10 Games People Play Eric Berne
    10 Radical Honesty Brad Blanton
    10 Sperm Wars Robin Baker
    10 The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins
    9 Comedy Writing Secrets Marc Shatz
    8 Moral Minds Marc Hauser
    7 Mystery Method Erik von Markovik
    7 The Fabric of Reality David Deutsche
    6 All Marketers are Liars Seth Godin
    6 Influence Robert Cialdini
    6 The Road Less Traveled M. Scott Peck

    Every once in a great while I come across a book that shows me a better way of understanding the world. “Better” here has a special meaning. It means the book presents a way of viewing reality that matches what I observe much better than what I had in my mind until then. When this happens a lot of my thinking changes – its like changing tracks in a train – You’re now heading in a different direction and everything you see changes after that.

    This list is the “top” of some 600 other books I’ve read while searching for the Red Pill. I actively seek out books that help me understand everything “better”.

    I’ve titled the list Red Pill Books because they are just that – If you read them and understand them, there is no going back.

    I’ve also ranked them on a 1-10 scale for “Red-Pill-ness” – My Red-Pillness is a combination of factors – A judgment call on my part. Books closer to a 10 are jarring wake-ups – Much like Neo’s wake up from The Matrix. By contrast, books closer to Zero help you sleep better at night.

    PS: No, I’m not retarded and believe we live in a simulator – The references to the matrix are simply helpful to get the meaning across.

    • Mike Chiasson 2:01 am on September 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This is how my graduate degree in communications is. Once you understand concepts like social construction and gain a better understanding of why we do the things we do, the world is completely new. You often find it difficult to pick sides and watch others get upset as you hold a knack for life that they can’t quite grasp.

    • Slave Rat 2:49 pm on September 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Indeed. I’ve also found some books that are a “10” on the OTHER scale…. The “blue-pill” scale – “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz is a complete 10 in the blue-pill scale. It won’t lift the veil, on the contrary, it will give you quite the fantasy coating (yeah, Miguel is a Toltec spirit and I’m the tooth fairy) but are written so well they can help people immensely. I actually took a class on his books with the guy (and his son) – pretty cool guy. There were a few “kumbaya” everyone-hugging moments where I realized how lonely most of the people around me were… Still his concepts are golden – They are real-world psychotherapy, wrapped around a cohesive story.
      My key has also been to stay humble – my truth is personal, and not absolute.
      I guess it all depends where you want to go… And paraphrasing the Cheshire cat: “If you don’t know where you want to go, then all roads will take you there.”

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