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    WordPress 3 Released! 

    Wohoooo! WordPress 3 is now officially live! Lets see how many of my sites I can break with this! Check out the features Video below!


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    WTF Alexa? 

    How does this wind up on Alexa?? Check this picture below. Its the content of an affiliate manager’s e-mail to an affiliate, smack in the middle of the Alexa page for that domain, on the “related search queries”… What.. The.. Fuck..?

    Click to Enlarge - WTF Alexa


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    Tracking Revisited – Looking for Suggestions 

    I’m out looking for a good PPC and general tracking solution (general as in: I’d love to track mailing lists too!).

    I have Tracking202… I use 202 Pro, which I understand Wes plans to discontinue in favor of self-hosted. I gotta say I’m not thrilled at all about 202. Is this really the best out there?

    Going to check out Statsjunkie, w3roi, and running a self-hosted 202 instead of 202Pro.

    If you have a suggestion here…. Pretty please share them.

    • joseph 10:04 pm on August 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Check out bevomedia.com .

      • Slave Rat 3:24 am on August 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the tip. There’s a ton of stuff missing from P202 – specifically its hard to operate with it. It doesn’t reflect your PPV accounts at all (it not a feature) and it lacks any way to do things like tell it to ignore a particular keyword since you’ve remove it, or tag things so you can keep track of what you’re doing. I find myself writing down on a text editor the list of things to do, and sometimes doing it twice because I forget. I’m going to sit on the bench for a bit with BevoMedia, though – I cant’ be everywhere at once.

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    Jellyvision Turns Your Visitor’s Brain to Jelly 

    Don’t believe me… Take a look at Jellyvision’s un-believable samples. They make even the most boring stuff funny and entertaining.

    This is the complete opposite of the “no-control” video Mike mentioned last week.

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing greater use of those very soon.

    • Mike Chiasson 1:59 pm on June 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Was this the company you were mentioning before? I checked out a few of their videos and those are pretty nifty. They are good ideas but in reality not that hard to make some of the more simple ones (ie: Auto Desk). I agree though it would be an excellent way to drag someone through a lead gen signup.
      My recent post How Effective Are No Control Videos for Marketing?

    • negbox 3:36 pm on June 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Yup, this is the one. Its a brilliant format – Interactive, and quirky. Extremely engaging.

      They say the porn industry is usually two years ahead, they might be right… I recently saw one for a site called "getiton.com" or something like that where there was a gal that would undress while asking you questions, lol.. Similar to this but not quite as refined.

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    Are Non-techie Newbies Doomed? 

    I can’t for the life of me imagine a complete newbie with little technical background trying to make money online… Not like this, at least.

    Seriously… What Shoe is trying to do with the Shoemoney System is laudable – Creating an approachable course. Now come on… How could a complete non-techie do this stuff?

    I spent the majority of the day setting up aWeber on a site:

    1 – Getting the landing pages right – There’s the page when you sign up that tells you to confirm, then there’s the confirmation success page. You gotta do a bit of upsell or trust building or something in those pages while you have eyeballs in them – taking aWeber’s default is a no-go.

    2 – Get the hoverbox, the sidebar box, install them on the right places. Add the tracking codes for aWeber in the right spots.

    3 – Create a nice e-mail or two to greet them and point them to your bribe/landing page above

    4 – Drive traffic to it… Adwords, Facebook, Whatever… Don’t forget to track the traffic with Tracking 202 as well as the conversions with the Adwords/FB/Wahtever tracking snippets… Create a good landing page.. Campaigns.. And the Sub-id’s when folks click to offers.

    Those four steps are like hundreds of little steps, and I skipped some biggies in there – some way beyond the capabilities of non-techies.

    … and that isn’t even making me real money!

    If you’re reading my blog you’ve got a pretty tough skin already. I don’t mean to discourage anyone, but this shit is harder than it looks.

    • Mike Chiasson 1:02 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I agree. There is a ton of additional stuff you learn as you go. When you have an idea you don't think 'shit I gotta hide the referring page and then track sub ids….wait I have to track success ids on email submissions through aweber and then go over them, damnit'

      Then before you know it your simple landing page still isn't launched at 4 am.

      • negbox 6:00 pm on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        You don't know what a relief your comment is. I was starting to think I'm a mega-retard. I try something simple: "Hey, lets add an e-mail list here"… Sure enough I've never ran an e-mail list, but how hard can it be? Then it takes me a week. Three days to get the content half-straight straight, two to sign up to aWeber to nail all the pages and forms, and one to glue it all together with traffic… Only to watch it do nothing on the seventh day… Almost biblical.

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  • NegBox 9:23 pm on June 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Googlehack, Robots.txt, Tracking202   

    Googlehack Tracking202 

    If I had an exploitable flaw in Tracking202, like an SQL injection bug, and was a real prick looking for easy targets, I might run the following query on Google:


    That happily returns a couple hundred thousand results… All Tracking 202 servers.

    Its always a good idea to secure your shit…

    A robots.txt won’t stop a hacker of any kind – but ye’olde security through obscurity shouldn’t be underestimated… It will stop all well-behaved search engines if you add the following to a file named robots.txt in the root of your domain.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    Yup, it’s that easy.

    • Mike Chiasson 1:38 am on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Heh yeah I seen this one a while ago. This is just like Nicky Cakes landing page protect thing. Sometimes they just make you an obvious target.

      I should have my SSL setup on my tracking202 server by tomorrow and then I might actually start using it.

    • negbox 5:02 am on June 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Its a balancing act too. Usually the more secure you make your system, the harder it is to use!
      My recent post Googlehack Tracking202

    • hackwack 8:09 am on June 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Tracking202 isn't secure!!!

    • negbox 5:52 pm on June 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You're probably right, it isn't secure – at least not against a determined attacker. I personally don't have the skills to crack open a server like that… I do know nothing is really secure given enough cash to hire the right folks, which isn't really that much considering exchange rates. I'm all ears open to suggestions on the tracking aspect. Develop my own stuff? Fly blind?

      My recent post WordPress 3 Released!

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    Word of The Day 

    I love Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day. For a few years now they’ve e-mailed me a new word every single day.

    <Shameless ‘my dick is bigger than yours’  brag> My vocabulary size is around 75,000-80,000 (simple statistics) English words… And English is my second language… And no, the word “fuck” doesn’t account for 45,000 of those. </Shameless ‘my dick is bigger than yours’  brag>

    Of course we all think we’re really smart, funny and cute – I learned that while using match.com, eHarmony and heck even AdultFriendFinder to find dates several years back. What an eye-opener that was!! The true eye-opener, however, was creating a fake profile with two pictures of the same random chick (two pictures for added realism) – filled out some gibberish cut and pasted… So while my own profile was getting as much traffic as the lost city of Atlantis, this phantom biatch’s inbox was stuffed fuller than a Japanese subway. There I could see all the stuff my “competing suitors” were opening with… The numbers disparity was very discouraging – but the quality was very encouraging – most guys sucked ass, though there were a few e-mails which almost made me wish I was really a dumb blonde.

    Anyway… Yes, we all think we’re  funny and smart, and we all want people that are funny and smart. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could articulate ourselves a little better and truly define what the fuck we want? Go forth and subscribe to Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day, so you too can join in my pompous sesquipedalian blather.

    Update 6/17: Just bumped into the two pics of my “random chick” that I used to create the fake Match.com profile… If you see her, send her my best.


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    Games People Play – Eric Berne M.D. 

    For the past five years I’ve taken a picture of the sky at sunset almost every day – to remind me I was here, to remind me I’m alive, in the now, and to remind me to take time to break out of my mental cage see the world as it truly is.

    When I read Games People Play by Eric Berne I felt the author was looking straight at my soul here:

    “The aware person is alive because he knows how he feels, where he is and when it is. He knows that after he dies the trees will still be there, but he will not be there to look at them again, so he wants to see them now with as much poignancy as possible.”

    The book is 46 years old and kick-started an area of psychology called transactional analysis. It is brilliant. It applies to the games people play when engaging your products and offers as much as to the games you play at home with your spouse. Do you know any alcoholics? Check out the game “Alcoholic” and see which role you’re in.

    The book has incredibly good stuff all around – and here is chapter 16, one of the final chapters – it doesn’t describe a game, but rather it describes one of the stages of becoming game-free.


    Chapter Sixteen: Autonomy

    The attainment of autonomy is manifested by the release or recovery of three capacities: awareness, spontaneity and intimacy.

    Awareness. Awareness means the capacity to see a coffeepot and hear the birds sing in one’s own way, and not the way one was taught. It may be assumed on good grounds that seeing and hearing have a different quality for infants than for grownups,1 and that they are more esthetic and less intellectual in the first’ years of life. A little boy sees and hears birds with delight. Then the “good father” comes along and feels he should “share” the experience and help his son “develop.” He says: “That’s a jay, and this is a sparrow.” The moment the little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing. He has to see and hear them the way his father wants him to. Father has good reasons on his side, since few people can afford to go through life listening to the birds sing, and the sooner the little boy starts his “education” the better. Maybe he will be an ornithologist when he grows up. A few people, however, can still see and hear in the old way. But most of the members of the human race have lost the capacity to be painters, poets or musicians, and are not left the option of seeing and hearing directly even if they can afford to; they must get it secondhand. The recovery of this ability is called here “awareness.” Physiologically awareness is eidetic perception, allied to eidetic imagery.2 Perhaps there is alsoeidetic perception, at least in certain individuals, in the spheres of taste, smell and kinesthesia, giving us the artists in those fields: chefs, perfumers and dancers, whose eternal problem is to find audiences capable of appreciating their products.

    Awareness requires living in the here and now, and not in the elsewhere, the past or the future. A good illustration of possibilities, in American life, is driving to work in the morning in a hurry. The decisive question is: “Where is the mind when the body is here?” and there are three common cases.

    1. The man whose chief preoccupation is being on time is die one who is furthest out. With his body at the wheel of his car, his mind is at the door of his office, and he is oblivious to his immediate surroundings except insofar as they are obstacles to the moment when his soma will catch up with his psyche. This is the Jerk, whose chief concern is how it will look to the boss. If he is late, he will take pains to arrive out of breath. The compliant Child is in command, and his game is “Look How Hard I’ve Tried.” While he is driving, he is almost completely lacking in autonomy, and as a human being he is in essence more dead than alive. It is quite possible that this is the most favorable condition for the development of hypertension or coronary disease.

    2. The Sulk, on the other hand, is not so much concerned with arriving on time as in collecting excuses for being late. Mishaps, badly timed lights and poor driving or stupidity on the part of others fit well into his scheme and are secretly welcomed as contributions to his rebellious Child or righteous Parent game of “Look What They Made Me Do.” He, too, is oblivious to his surroundings except as they subscribe to his game, so that he is only half alive. His body is in his car, but his mind is out searching for blemishes and injustices.

    3. Less common is the “natural driver,” the man to whom driving a car is a congenial science and art. As he makes his way swiftly and skillfully through the traffic, he is at one with his vehicle. He, too, is oblivious of his surroundings except as they offer scope for the craftsmanship which is its own reward, but he is very much aware of himself and the machine which he controls so well, and to that extent he is alive. Such driving is formally an Adult pastime from which his Child and Parent may also derive satisfaction.

    4. The Fourth case is the person who is aware, and who will not hurry because he is living in the present moment with the environment which is here: the sky and the trees as well as the feeling of motion. To hurry is to neglect that environment and to be conscious only of something that is still out of sight down the road, or of mere obstacles, or solely of oneself. A Chinese man started to get into a local subway train, when his Caucasian companion pointed out that they could save twenty minutes by taking an express, which they did. When they got off at Central Park, the Chinese man sat down on a bench, much to his friend’s surprise. “Well,” explained the former, “since we saved twenty minutes, we can afford to sit here that long and enjoy our surroundings.”

    The aware person is alive because he knows how he feels, where he is and when it is. He knows that after he dies the trees will still be there, but he will not be there to look at them again, so he wants to see them now with as much poignancy as possible.

    Spontaneity. Spontaneity means option, the freedom to choose and express one’s feelings from the assortment available (Parent feelings, Adult Feelings and Child feelings). It means liberation, liberation from the compulsion to play games and have only the feelings one was taught to have.

    Intimacy. Intimacy means the spontaneous, game-free candidness of an aware person, the liberation of the eidetically perceptive, uncorrupted Child in all its naivete” living in the here and now. It can be shown experimentally (3) that eidetic perception evokes affection, and that candidness mobilizes positive feelings, so that there is even such a thing as “one-sided intimacy” – a phenomenon well known, although not by that name, to professional seducers, who are able to capture their partners without becoming involved themselves. This they do by encouraging the other person to look at them directly and to talk freely, while the male or Female seducer makes only a well-guarded pretense of reciprocating.

    Because intimacy is essentially a function of the natural Child (although expressed in a matrix of psychological and social complications), it tends to turn out well if not disturbed by the intervention of games. Usually the adaptation to Parental influences is what spoils it, and most unfortunately this is almost a universal occurrence. But before, unless and until they are corrupted, most infants seem to be loving (4) and that is the essential nature of intimacy, as shown experimentally.

    I take a picture of the sky at sunset almost every day – to remind me I was here, to remind me I’m alive and to remind me to take time to break out of my mental cage see the world as it truly is.

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    Safety Video is Actually Cool and Ronald McDonald is Still a Creeper 

    Looking for a video marketing company I bumped into this children safety video billed as “creepy”… Well, its actually pretty damn good – and creepy enough to be remembered.

    Now… Wanna see something scary? Really scary? How about Ronald McDonald telling kids that he is an exception to the child safety video above?

    PS: If you’ve ever wanted to do something to a kid that their parents would object to, do everyone a favor and hang yourself with the nearest extension cord. Feel free to leave a note saying you read it on negbox.com – I could use the publicity.


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